Love Your Children

Now that I am able to share my thoughts more openly, It is my desire to really reach people who can cling on to the messages if possible for prevention, upliftment, inspiration and especially to women who might be in similar situations. Know that you are not alone, don’t be ashamed because, you are not the first nor will you be the last in such situations. If you want better you have to have faith and know that Jesus Christ is with you and will never forsake you.

I want to encourage  bioloigical parents, guardians, adoption parents, and foster parents to not give up on your children. Children are blessings from God. Psalm 127:3 Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. As a parent it is your obligation, your full duty to nurture, train, educate, feed, supervise, discipline and love your children in all circumstances and situations throughout all the ages and stages of life. To love them is to do what is right and best for them. You are your children biggest cheerleaders, mentors, educators, role models.  Each child will  have their own personalities for we are all uniquely created. They will develop and grow into teenagers and adults, to become what you have trained them to be. 

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Training begins at birth. To become a parent, you need to educate yourself about what it is to be a parent. You cannot decide that you want a child now and later when there is a child in your life then you don’t want him/her, or that you don’t want to be a parent no more. Being a parent is a life long responsibility. It is not doing it for 15 years and then it end.  One of the most  important things you can do  to secure the life of a innocent child, is know that you are ready. Pray about it because,once conceived you must understand that God is ready to take you on a new adventure. In many cases, a once in a life time adventure. Also,  If you are a guardian, foster or adoption parent it is of equal importance to understand what it mean and require to be a parent. Put Jesus First in your life, read the Holy Bible for knowledge and implement it’s guidance.

A sudden reaction, A spur of the moment verbal communication, one bad decision, one word, one action can have a lifetime effect on your child. Take time to pray for your children. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to intervene in situations, to cover your home, words, actions and life with the blood of Jesus. Listen for the answers.

Love you all!



Story: Rebellious Children

MARA was not raised up by either biological parents but,  was blessed to be raised in a comfortable home by an aunt and a grandmother. HER grandmother passed away when she was 14 years old. That was when the rebellious teenager at age 15 begun to be exposed. Mara was in what I call a perfect home. She had no means to complain. Ate to time, got whatever she needed and was a child always rewarded.Mara  was a smart, happy and jovial child. Until, she later decided to experiment by finding a  Boyfriend at age 15. Every teenage girl parents fear. Daily, there was minimal supervision, enough time while her aunt who took over full responsibility , would be at work. She had no children. MARA was the only child. One thing lead to another, until one month she was caught by maxing out a phone bill to call the boyfriend. The aunt who was the parent in Mara`s life, was very upset. I guess she felt the years of her raising Mara was wasted. It was drastic, she admitted the boyfriend to her aunt who was hurt and upset though Mara was sad, sorry, and also apologetic.Same day  Mara was given trash bags to pack up her belongings and move to her biological father whom she never lived with before but, who she knew very well.  The Goodbye from the only home and people Mara knew in all her life came to an end. Mara kept searching for love, for a home, answers, for stability after she left but, none prevailed. That one situation brought much hurt into her life although she kept it all to herself. Later in life, Mara was abused and went through many struggles searching for happiness. Resorted to drugs, alcohol, and lived with hatred for many.

She called to Jesus Christ, gave her life, burdens and questions to God. Mara is now a happy 27 year old, on the road to recovery living a happy life. received_184844618524280








Pray for Belize,Central America 2016 #Thanks #This blog is a Poem#also a Request

Sad days are here in Belize

Three mothers grieve

As four children leave

A story that  not even the news reporter could air

As the tears ran down her face, every viewer hurt, heart broken, I still cannot come back to myself

Every shock wave I truly felt

A whole nation watching

As each day the news articles getting more and more disgusting.

I can’t just sit and watch it, why Lord are they killing people in worst manner like killing a chicken

I know Lord that you will wipe away the tears from every  mother eye

That you Lord will wash away the sins of this nation that is bringing families so much devastation, pain and confusion.

Lord it hurts so much to see so many mothers crying,

Innocent kids dying, brothers, fathers, sisters, uncles dying by the hands of cold blooded killers

Too many murderers and absolutely no justice.

Lord Help Belize

People pray for Belize

Satan is plotting his deeds






#From the mind of a writer #To the mind of a writer #Welcome all

Everyone has that one way of releasing their thoughts and feelings. That one way, something special about it that add to our individual  uniqueness. People cry, sing, dance, exercise, vent in rage, travel, talk, exile, do Yoga, play games but, I write. More realistically, it takes a sincere mode of self processing to allow every aspect of what Is truly meant felt, thought of, seen, was told, experienced,or read to let it flow.

The special part of it  for me is  listening to what God want me to transfer. I would first  converse with God and asked him to lead as I release what he want me to take out. That is who fuels me, the Holy Spirit.

Writing is a world okay. A world for me where everything else cease at that time. If it is a bad day,good day, great day, busy day,  slow day, hot day, beautiful trip, sad moment, whatever it was; writing just pull on my leg to remind me that,”Hey I’m your Yoga!” (Lol) .Then of  course I race with excitement to stretch it out.

As a little girl, I was the only child at home, I remember having stock pile of poems I wrote. I still do enjoy pen and paper, who don’t? Then once in a while I look at the bookshelf and ask myself,”where did all these journals, notebooks, sketches, and other books come from!” It’s so ironic, things that only a lover of writing will understand.

However, can we please give technology a round of applause. It has become so much easier to simply push your feet under the desk and press power or walk with a device anywhere from beginning to end . The continuous updating, of new sites and finding people alike from all over the world to enjoy one common thing that we all love is today universal, easy and quite a fascinating accomodation. Especially knowing it’s effect, many beneficial and positive for the writer and reader .

With that said, just know that I any advice from you professional writers are welcomed here all the time. Improving for me, is a goal.

God bless you, continue writing.

Love Ola


“WordPress this Thought ” #quickread

“LIFE is to accept our weaknesses and surmount them with strength and knowledge . The bulb is only as bright as you make it, a light that many have failed to spark from getting dimmed. It is to search for yourself, ensuring that your mental and physical self, are both stable and comfortable. The “Now” may seem tranquil or trying but, the abundant down pour of blessings are all yours somewhere out here to embrace.” By : Ola.P.Liu


I found that for many generations within families, the upbringing is a cycle. Then we wonder, why for many years the same characters are portrayed,  repeating the same experiences. In today’s world, there are no reason for lack of knowledge for those who need it. AGREE? Knowledge is free, so why not share it? Why not seek it ?Right? Why not be strengthen ? 

I’ve heard people talk about generation curse, oh well, I am not here to lament on the continuation of such. It is only as pothetic as it sounds. I want to root it up and give it a new beginning!!!!!  Fresh air, sunlight, enough water, fresh soil, fertilizer and know that the time invested is going to make a happy plant, bearing happy fruits.

Knowledge is the fertilizer, Knowledge is the soil, and Jesus Christ is our strenght, we are the gardeners. We need the strength. Without the strenght it’s just not possible. I cannot look at my plant through the window, and expect it to grow and be happy. I CANNOT DO ANYTHING WITHOUT MY STRENGHT! We must seek our strenght to do all things. Jesus is the strength, the Master.

So as to our families, we must first acquire and be equipped with the knowledge and importantly the  strenght. Pass that same knowledge and strenght on to your children early in life that they may grow up to know it and carry it on.


Love Ola







FOCUS ON A BETTER YOU, And take it one day at a time.

Stop a second to analyze yourself, now is the perfect time. Close your eyes and just take a deep breath. Relax. Where are you now?  Where have you been? Where are you going? Remind yourself that while you have life, you have gold, you have the blessing to live your full potential.

At the age you are rightnow, you must have a past, everyone does! Everything that is behind you from as long as this second, back to birth. Everyone has a past!! Many good memories, and also some we do not wish to remember. A past that hurt, that has changed us, made us cry, made us happy, made us angry, annoied, shocked, a past that made us hide, dodge, worry, runaway,pretend, a past that embarrassed us, brought us up and broke us back down. We have made some good decisions and some bad ones.I use to ask myself the same questions you do  Like:

  • How long will I face this?
  • How will I get out or over this?
  • Why me?
  • Why now?
  • Am I the only person feeling this way?
  • Where will I go from here?
  • What will they think of me?
  • Why do they think that about me because of my past?
  • Why does it hurt so much?
  • How can I fix it?
  • Is there help for me?
  • Who should I ask?
  • Who should I tell?
  • Does anyone care?
  • Why should I do it?

And many more …………..

I even told myself many of the things you say like:

  • I am stuck.
  • I don’t feel like doing anything.
  • I can’t do anything about it.
  • I am broken.
  • I am hurt.
  • Just let it be.
  • Tomorrow I’ll forget about it.
  • I’ll just go party the feeling away.
  • If I don’t it I’m not going to survive.

And the many other things that kept me behind, kept me frozen, and kept me in the same place I found myself in five years ago.

We come from different cultures, different countries, have different color skins, different type of hair, came from different parents, know different people, have different voices, different personalities, different jobs, came from many different upbringing etc. That is what makes us all unique. God created you just the way you are. So love the person you are and always be willing to make who you are better and happy.

People make choices, many based on how we were treated, the things we see, because of what SEEM norm, because of situations we been through, because it is good, because it is bad, because we were told to, etc., My point is, You are different and it is not a bad thing to be different. The choice and the change is within all of us rightnow be better than who we have been. Open your heart to seek Christ. Ask him to be your Lord and Savior. There is nobody too happy, too rich, too broken who does not need Jesus and there is no weight, no problem, no past that Jesus is not able to mend and make whole again.

I’ve learned that human will hurt you, they will let you down, they will smile and still use you, try to kill you, lie to you, hide the truths from you, gossip about you, pretend to love you  but, Jesus will not leave you nor forsake you.

  • God comforts His people (Is 51:11).
  • God protects His people (Ps 121:7).
  • God helps His people (Ps 115:11)
  • God is never going to give you up

Jesus, the God-man, is the author of “eternal salvation” (He 5:9). He will never, ever give you up. God will never let you down.The name of the Lord is a strong tower (Pr 18:10). The Lord is mighty—the Almighty (Re 19:6). He has made many promises, and He who promised is faithful (He 10:23).God is never going to run around and desert you. God is faithful to His people. God won’t desert you.God is never going to say goodbye.

He didn’t abandon Joshua (Dt 31:6; Jos 1:5), and the same promise applies to you: “I will never desert you, nor will I ever forsake you” (Heb 13:5).God is never going to tell a lie and hurt you.God won’t lie; it’s impossible. If God says it, it’s true. Count on it: God is never going to tell a lie!!!!

Stop looking at where you were as a reason for today’s trials. Search yourself for where you are now, and allow God to intervene, repent, read the Holy Bible, Find a pastor to talk to,Talk to God, pray faithfully  and continuously,find a church elder to seek advice. Block out all the reason that held you back, or made you feel like you cannot have a better life. The transition will not just happen over night, as there will be temptation trying to take you back but, you are strong in Jesus Christ to overcome and be victorious.

I am not perfect, I do not desire to be but, I have found Jesus Christ, I have been where you are and still trampling the enemy as I grow spiritually. I am a work in progress and so are you. Everyday we live and we learn and we have Jesus Christ waiting for us to accept him to take us on a journey worth the rest of our life. The start is reconizing where you have been, where you are now and accepting God to take you where you need to be.

A lifestyle where being satisfied with what you have now, making the righteous decisions to guide your life, having patience while God is working, being faithful, loving others just as God love you, treating others just as God treat you.

Alchohol, drugs, sex, money, vanity is no solution to the situation we may be facing today that can leave a more permanent damage on us and others we love. Furthermore you have a better choice to accept Jesus, be faithful and all other things will have eternal everlasting fruits for you and those you love.

Love Ola.







The Devine Spirit of Forgiveness brings Love, joy, peace, healing

You know what?  Tonight I feel like writing about “Forgiveness!” Forgiveness, love and family.

It break my heart to see famlies falling apart because, of not knowing how to truly and fully forgive. forgive! Forgive!!!  My people, it is one of the most beautiful, most humble, most gracious and most righteous thing that one can give.

Why hold on to malice, hurt feelings, depression, hatred, grudges and other evil spirited feelings ? Let go!! Forgiveness heal so much more than you can imagine for your life and family. Forgiving others create so much more meaningful and more positive paths in life. Unfogivingness is too heavy of a burden, too heavy of a stumbling block to walk around with on the shoulder. I have heard the phrase,”I can forgive but, I cannot forget.” If you love, you forgive and continue to love. There should be no boundaries to forgiving and no boundaries to love. Love and forgiveness work hand in hand, there is absolutely no space for seperation.

Many marriages fall apart because of little matters. Too many brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, good friendships are destroyed daily because of the spirit of unforgivness. Those that should be most important to us, precious to us, each day are becoming unforgiving. I’ve been in situations before when I have felt hurt and betrayal by the people I love the most. I know the feeling but, I Have always been the person to lift up my situations in the hands of God. I am the type of person who lift up my family in prayers in tears. Yes, I submit and I surrender to Jesus Christ . With out Jesus Christ, situations will take a weary toll on us.

I grew up knowing that it’s important to forgive who has sinned against us. In my worldy Life I use to think It would be ok to forgive if I simply said sorry even if I burned inside holding malice. I had no true knowledge of Devine forgiveness.  It only frustrated me. It always caused me to build hurtful emotions to the other. I smiled and made conversation but, deep down inside the dislike was still there.  I have  a friend who said, she was so hurt by her husband that she found ways of holding the only child they had together, away from him. Another said, she would throw out her husband’s belongings after arguements in front of the children. I have been in and know of many circumstances where the unforgiving spirit left damages. Too much to mention. The sad part is, that the unforgiving spirit never leaves peace, love, content, faith, nor happiness.

When I decided to give my life to Jesus, biblical truths and teachings strengthened my life and continue to do so. Forgiveness became strength and I could feel the difference it brought each time. I learned that by my strenght of forgiveness it was the wrong spirit, that of Satan who only wanted to destroy me. Who only wanted me to be unhappy, frustrated, confused, hurt, searching, unloved, malicious, broken, stuck, lost, in danger, and alone. I was feeding on to the devastation of life. Jesus is the one and only creator, healer, protector, master, savior of our life, ready, able and always there to lead us and our family to forever live in his glory. My husband and I have been strengthen by the power of the Holy Spirit. We use to argue for any and everything. I was unforgiving and hasty. There were more scilence of malice in our home until the verge of seperation became the next decision. We gave it all to Jesus and we are now happily married and in love like never before. Jesus Restored. Amen.

If you are going through a time of recognizing that the unforgiving spirit is in your life, Let go and Let God. Save your marriage Today. Secure the love of the family that you deserve. Stand firm on the right foundation for the children that you love. The battle is endless if you don’t have God. Receive for yourself and family the love that is eternal. Forgive, and continue to love.

In Matthew 18:22 says, Jesus answered not 7 times but 77 times.

That is how much we should forgive. Forgiveness does not grow weary. The 70×7 is similar with God’s eternal forgiveness. Matthew 18:21-22 Then Peter came to Him and said, “Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? Up to seven times?” Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven. It does not mean to forgive 1000 times, or 80 times, or 77 times. Jesus telling us we should always forgive  when they have sinned against us, he has forgiven us all of humanity’s sins. Why should we not forgive our wife, husband, brother, sister, mother, children etc. for much lesser matters??? 

Hope you enjoyed. I am still a work in progress. Not perfect but, It is from my heart.

Love you